The Newlywed

This Sixth Plate Ambrotype was purchased on e-Bay in a grouping with several others. I could tell that she was badly damaged—literally cracked into several pieces but they were all there inside the case. It was difficult to scan the image and repair (most of) the crack lines, concentrating primarily on her facial features. She is wearing a checkered dress that has been tinted blue, a silk/lace layered shawl that is sheer in places with a detachable lace collar. She wears a kid glove on her left hand and has rested her right arm on the chair so as to display her wedding band on her right hand. Her broach and wedding band have been embellished with silver glitter. [Remember that the image is reversed.]

I’m guessing this image dates to about 1860. It is housed in a half case with a somewhat ornate mat.

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