The Paramour

I acquired this daguerreotype years ago rather inexpensively as I recall. It looked to be a quality image and was captivated by the pose of the subject whom I imagined to be gambler, a 49er perhaps—certainly a ladies man.

When I removed the image from its case, I discovered that it had the same hallmark os another image in my collection (see The Parisian Beauty). This mark was attributed to Marc Antoine Gaudin (1804-1888) who took photographs with his brother Alexis Pierre Gaudin (1816-1894) a 9 ru de la Perle in Paris, France. The hallmark is described as a “GAUDIN DOUBLE, rosette, lamb (Agnus Dei) between 2 crescent moons, silver content 40.”

This daguerreotype was probably taken about 1850 based on the clothing worn by the subject. He wears a knotted tie that has been tinted pink. Upon scanning, I was a little disappointed that the subject’s eyes were not quite in focus. His hair seems to be in sharper focus. The silver plate is in excellent condition.

Marc Antoine Gaudin was considered a pioneer in photography—a French chemist who contributed to the Avogradro’s Gas Law by proposing that some elements form diatomic or polyatomic gas. In 1853, he was credited with the “Gaudinotype.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 10.15.57 AM

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