The Waller Brothers

I’ve posted five Civil War letters to Lydia Jane Waller of Clark county, Illinois. Included with the letters was a ferrotype (with the emulsion flaking off rather badly) that was unidentified but suspected to be Lydia’s three older brothers—all of whom served in the Union army. Josephus Waller (1824-1862) in the middle was wearing civilian clothes. He did not enlist until June 1862 in Co. I 68th Illinois. He died in late September 1862 of disease. On the left was Reuben Waller (1826-1862) who enlisted in Co. I, 18th Missouri Infantry. He was wounded in the Hornet’s Nest at the Battle of Shiloh and died of congestion of the lungs in mid-June 1862. On the right was James L. Waller (1837-1933) who enlisted in Co. A, 40th Illinois Infantry in August 1861. He was discharged in September 1862 due to a gunshot wound. This image was probably taken in the winter of 1861-2.

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