A Sixth plate tintype. This image has the same backdrop as one owned by Chris Maldonado. When he asked “Faces” if anyone recognized the backdrop, he heard from Ben Pauley, “Yes, I’m very familiar with this back drop. I have 4 images with the same BD. This backdrop is identified as “The Withered Tree Backdrop” in the July-August 1994 issue of Military Images Magazine based upon the sad looking tree to the left of the flag. There are two identified images using this backdrop. One belonging to the 5th Ohio Cav and the other to the 11th IN Inf. Research by Roy Mantle indicates that the only place those two units both were located at is Paducah, KY. The 4 images I have are perfectly focused and very nicely tinted. The soldiers are also seated in the same chair that are in this same image.” Ben’s images are published: “In my collection and published in my newest book “Civil War Hard Images Volume 2 – Union”

Scan 22 copy

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 11.55.38 AM


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